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Boat trip to Vilsandi


To go to Vilsandi by boat, first you have to drive to Papissaare harbour. There’s a sign in Kihelkonna village that directs you to a cobblestone road that goes past the church. The road is about 3 km long and takes you directly to Papissaare harbour. This is the place where boats go to Vilsandi on some days of the week (you can find the schedule below). If the boat is full or doesn’t leave when you’d like to go, then it’s a good idea to book the trip in advance. 

The price is 110€ to Vilsandi and back (10 people)
To order, please call +372 5347 6336 or write info@loonamanor.ee


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If you’d like to go to Vilsandi with a guide, it’s wise to do this through Heritage tours.