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Loona Manor, the centre of Vilsandi National Park, is conveniently situated on the western coast of Saaremaa, the biggest island of Estonia, known as a good recreation place with unique nature and lots of sights. Saaremaa has retained its uniqueness due to its location and insulation. Western part of the island can jokingly be called the most typical Saaremaa with its most characteristic features clearly revealed: picturesque coastline with numerous small islets and spectacular sunsets, exiting high cliffs, juniper rich pastures and alvars, meadows and sheep herds, coastal villages with windmills, stone fences, and houses with thatched roofs, old port areas and landing places, lighthouses, and churches, beautiful national costumes and dialectal language still in use. That’s what makes Saaremaa unique and special!
Loona Manor was renovated in 1997 and now houses the centre of Vilsandi National Park. Besides the mansion, also the coach house, granary-drier, gardener’s house (today Kivimaja ’stone house’, houses Fossil Museum), cattle shed (houses exhibition about the history of Baltic nature protection and Vilsandi National Park, and the information centre of the national park) and milk cellar have been preserved in the big manor park.

Loona Manor, the centre of Vilsandi National Park, offers a wide range of services, information about the national park and surrounding areas.

In 2009 Vilsandi National Park participated successfully in the competition “Estonian undiscovered treasurers 2009. Tourism and protected areas” organised by the Estonian Tourist Board.
The jury valued highly Vilsandi National Park as the oldest nature protection area of the Baltic countries, by pointing out the administration of the protected area, cooperation local governments and community. The highest potential of Vilsandi is the development of seal observation, organising of traditional trips and showing and teaching of old works of the people living near the beach, also the wider implementation of the different saving tourism principles in the whole area. 
Watch the competiotion video here.