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A la carte menu

Traditional bake with dill-sour cream sauce 4.00€
grated potatoes, onion, smoked pork, dill-sour cream sauce
Lamb soup 4.50/5.00€
sheep meat, barley, black plums, sun-dried tomatoes
Spiced small sprats salad or smoked chicken salad 4.50€
spiced small sprats or smoked chicken, black bread, fresh salad
Main courses
Fish fillet of the day 10.00€
fish fillets, mashed potatoes, salad,  cold cream sauce
Beefstew 11.50€
locally grown Highland beef, red wine, onion, garlic, oven baked potatoes, salad made of tomatoes
Ice cream with jam 2.10€
vanilla ice cream, jam
Cupcake with ice cream 2.50€
red currants, vanilla ice cream
Yoghurt tart with berries 2.50€
fresh berries, yoghurt, whipped cream, biscuits, chocolate, butter


Simple, natural, pure – just to enjoy!