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Group menu

Traditional bake with dill-sour cream sauce Meatballs made of lamb

Take your friends along and come to dine at Loona Manor. We are situated in Vilsandi National Park, full of peace and quietness offering our best tastes made of locally grown food.

We have put together some menu options to make your choices easier. You can also make your own selection of different dishes. For special celebrations please check out our Spring party menu.

Loona Manor offers accommodation to its guests in the main house and nature house. Guided nature tours and hikes to Vilsandi National Park are available for groups. It’s also possible to order a picnic basket from our restaurant to take along.

Menu #1


Lamb soup

lamb, groats, black plums, sun-dried tomatoes
Berry soup with curd
curd, whipped cream, berry soup

Menu #2

Fish fillet
fish fillets, mashed potatoes, salad,  dill-sour cream sauce
Pumpkin pie
baked pumpkin, shortcrust pastry, curd cheese

Menu #3

Traditional bake with dill-sour cream sauce
grated potatoes, onion, smoked pork, dill-sour cream sauce
Meat stew
pork, smoked meat, vegetables, roasted potatoes, salad
Warm home-made white bread
white bread, butter, honey, jam

Menu #4

Spiced sprat salad
spiced sprats, black bread, fresh salad
Meatballs made of lamb
locally grown lamb, rosemary roasted potatoes, roasted vegetables, tomato chutney
Kama mousse
kama, whipped cream, raw jam, Vana Tallinn

Coffee, tea, water, herb butter and bread are also included.

Alcoholic beverages available on spot.

Minimum 8 persons are considered as a group.

Please ask for a quotation from e-mail address katrin@loonamanor.ee or call us +375 5347 6336. Together we will find the most palatable menu choices for your group.

Simple, natural, pure – just to enjoy!