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Loona Manor restaurant


The restaurant has a very cozy atmosphere and offers a variety of appetizers, main courses and desserts.

The food is based on locally grown products- sheep, fish and vegetables. Just to prove that it’s possible to make good quality food out of products that are grown in Saaremaa. Of course we have thought about people who would like to eat something different. That’s why we also offer traditional estonian dishes and vegetarian dishes.

We also have a choice of desserts that can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee.

Would you like to visit us with a bigger group? No problem, we also have group menus.

Loona Manor restaurant is opened from May to September. The opening hours in August are 13:00-22:00, the kitchen is opened until 21:00. For other times of the day please book in advance.

Loona manor welcomes everyone to try our food!