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Packed lunches


Main dishes



Filling choices: smoked chicken, vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, paprika), smoked ham

Price: 3,50€


Traditional bake with dill-sour cream sauce

Price 3,20€


Salty pancakes

Filling choices: chicken, minced meat. mushrooms for vegetarians

Price: 4,00€


Sweet pancakes

Filling choices: jam, curd

Price: 2,50€



Filling choices: red- or blackcurrants, apple, rhubarb, cocoa

Price: 2,50€


Fruit, coffee, tea, water, cream, sugar, plastic plates and cutlery are also included.

Price 3,00€


You can choose up to 2 main dishes.

Please choose the same dishes for your group.

Depending on your choices, the price will be between 5,50€-10,50€


Simple, natural, pure – just to enjoy!