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From Loona to Harilaid

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Harilaiu Peninsula is the most beautiful and ancient part of Vilsandi National Park. It has been a protected area for fauna, flora and geology since 1924.


Harilaiu hiking trail starts from the car park of the Harilaiu recreation site of the State Forest Management Centre. The longer 10 km marked trail passes over the Harilaiu isthmus and runs to the Kiipsaare lighthouse in the north west; after this, it follows the dunes on the beach to Kelba point and then back to the beginning of the trail.


The 6 km trail splits from the longer trail in the middle of the peninsula and runs towards Haabade Bay where it joins the longer trail again in the south. You can take a break and put up a tent by Laialepa Bay.

If you’d like to discover Vilsandi National Park on your own, then you can get information and a map from us.


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