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Nature hikes around Loona Manor


Nature hikes in summer start from Loona Manor and take about 2 to 3 hours. Hikes around Loona Manor are suitable for everybody. Kiirassaare Boat Harbour and Rootsiküla, Viidumäe Nature Reserve, Miku Forest Park and Kuusnõmme Peninsula are visited. Usually, the exact route of the day will be agreed just before the start according to the hikers’ wishes. In nature, different species of animals and plants are explored.

Guided hikes must be reserved in advance. In other cases, we provide you with the information and map needed.


Loona Manor Restaurant offers to all hikers a chance to order picnic packages to take along. It’s also possible to have a rest and take a meal after the hike.


Nature hikes by bike are also offered on demand.

Please choose your hiking clothing according to the weather.


Book the guided hikes and ask for additional information on the phone numbers +372 45 46 510 or +372 5347 6336.